Combine Two Classic Games Into One With Monopoly: Dungeons and Dragons

USAopoly/Toynk / USAopoly/Toynk
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Monopoly and Dungeons and Dragons are pretty much at opposite ends of the gaming spectrum, but they recently merged together for anyone who wants to combine their fantasies of battling dragons with their fantasies of owning property.

In Monopoly: Dungeon and Dragons, instead of trying to buy Park Place, you’ll be collecting memorable monsters like Demogorgon and Lich. And rather than traveling the board in a boot or thimble, you'll play as a human, dwarven cleric, tiefling bard, and more. Community Chest and Chance cards are now Encounters and Treasures cards, and you'll be tasked with creating your Expeditions and Bases instead of homes and hotels. Even the currency is custom to the game.


But don’t worry—not everything about this version of Monopoly will be unfamiliar to fans of the original. You can still be sent to jail and collect money by passing GO. The whole thing just has a D&D coat of paint, complete with the franchise's trademark fantasy artwork.

The game is available to buy on Amazon, Walmart, Toynk, and, and you can pre-order it at Entertainment Earth. For more board game mashups, check out this list of games based on iconic TV shows and movies.

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