This Self-Rinsing Bowl Cleans and Refills Your Pet's Water While You're at Work

Cheerble/Kickstarter / Cheerble/Kickstarter
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During the pandemic, many people found companionship by adopting dogs, cats, and other pets. Now, 18 months later, more and more employees are heading back into the office and leaving their new furry friends at home for the day. For those worried about the health of their new pets during this time of separation, Cheerble has a new solution called Drinkie which you can back on Kickstarter.

Drinkie is a self-rinsing drinking bowl that has a range of helpful functions aimed at ensuring your pet always has a bowl of clean water, easing some of the separation anxieties you might have. Simply fill the water tank and set the parameters you want through an app. Once you set how often you want the bowl cleaned out, the dispenser will automatically wash away any whiskers, dirt, or slobber your pet leaves behind in the bowl and store the dirty water and debris in a separate airtight tank. Then it will refill the bowl with fresh water.

You can get alerts through the app for when you need to empty the waste tank, clean the dish with soap, and refill the water dispenser, which can hold up to five days’ worth of water (around three liters). The gadget also tracks your pet’s drinking habits. When you tell the app your pet’s height, weight, age, and other metrics, it will then figure out the target amount of water your precious four-legged friend should be drinking in a day.

Even though this campaign only launched a little while ago on Kickstarter, it has already surpassed its goal of $10,000. You can still support this project through two different tiers of perks. When you pledge $99 or more, you’ll get one Drinkie dispenser, and if you pledge $195 or more, you’ll get two Drinkie dispensers. The brand expects to ship the Drinkies out by January 2022.

Check out the Drinkie on Kickstarter now, and if you’re interested in another crowdfunded campaign, make sure to peek at this innovative reading light from Indiegogo.

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