Can You Define These Colonial-Era Slang Words and Phrases?

The Print Collection/Getty Images (Colonial scene); Vadim Almiev/Shutterstock (illustrated scrolls)

1. Adam’s Ale

A) Wine
B) Hard cider
C) Water

2. Sranch

A) To crack something between your teeth
B) A hangnail
C) To scratch an itch

3. To be made a cat’s-paw out of

A) To get kicked out of the kitchen
B) To be used as a tool
C) To get engaged

4. Chuffy

A) Angry
B) Friendly
C) Impolite

5. Twistical

A) Winding
B) Unfair
C) Whimsical

6. Circumbendibus

A) Rotund
B) Cloudy
C) Roundabout

7. Fishy

A) Nervous
B) Drunk
C) Agile

8. Gut-founded

A) Very hungry
B) Overweight
C) An indescribable instinct

9. Kedge

A) Doing well
B) In poor health
C) In poor finances

10. Sabby

A) To cry
B) To laugh while crying
C) To know or understand

11. Macaroni

A) Silly
B) Cheap
C) Fancy

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Answers: 1:C; 2:A; 3:B; 4:C; 5:B; 6:C; 7:B; 8:A; 9:A; 10:C; 11:C