Get Ready for Dune With These 7 Books, Blu-rays, Games, and More

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Frank Herbert’s Dune is one of the most influential sci-fi novels of the 20th century, selling around 20 million copies worldwide and spawning numerous sequels and adaptations along the way. Now that the second movie version of the story is set to debut on October 22—this time starring Timothée Chalamet as the young Paul Atreides—we’ve rounded up some books, Blu-rays, games, and other collectibles that both longtime fans and newcomers should add to their collection.

1. Dune; $12


Despite being an iconic example of the science-fiction genre today, Dune was originally rejected by 23 publishers back in the '60s. Luckily, the 215,000-word work was eventually picked up by Chilton Publishing, and it went on to win both the first-ever Nebula Award and the 1966 Hugo Award for best novel, which it shared alongside Roger Zelazny’s This Immortal. If you're looking to read the book before seeing the movie, there's no better (or cheaper) volume to get than this one. There's even a detailed glossary, appendix, and map illustrations in the back to help you get immersed in Herbert's world. If you want to explore the lore even further, this box set also includes the sequels, Dune Messiah and Children of Dune.

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2. Jodorowsky's Dune; $24


In an alternate reality, director Alejandro Jodorowsky actually got to film his bonkers adaptation of Dune that was set to star Salvador Dalí, Orson Welles, and Mick Jagger, with Pink Floyd providing the music. But in the movie business, the ballooning budget and potential length (Jodorowsky apparently envisioned a 10- or 12-hour movie) stopped the project in its tracks back in the '70s. This documentary tries to make sense of this what-if story and is a must-see for any fan looking to fully understand the journey that brought the 2021 version to the screen.

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3. David Lynch’s Dune Limited-Edition Blu-Ray; $43

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This is the adaptation of Dune that did get made—and, to put it mildly, people didn't love it. To this day, the movie's director, David Lynch, calls it “a huge gigantic sadness in my life.” And while it was savaged by critics at the time, it's settled into the cult-favorite realm over the years. If you're interested in this noble failure, the best way to experience it is with this limited-edition Blu-ray set that's packed with extras and touts a gorgeous picture.

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4. Dune Board Game; $44

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This 1979 Dune strategy game pits you against up to six players as you vie for control of all the spice on Arrakis. And as any fan will tell you, once you've got the spice, the planet is yours. This game actually went out of print years ago, but it was recently reissued, along with an expansion pack, to celebrate the release of the movie. Each round can last up to three hours, so it's certainly not aimed at casual players.

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5. Dune: House of Atreides, Vol. 1; $18

Boom! Studios/Amazon

In 1999, Frank Herbert’s son, Brian, and fellow author Kevin J. Anderson penned the first prequel novel to Dune called Dune: House of Atreides. In 2020, Boom! Studios turned it into a 12-part comic book series featuring many of the same characters from the original story, like a young and enslaved Duncan Idaho and pre-dukedom Leto Atreides. The comic adaptation itself was written by Herbert and Anderson, and this collection features the first four issues.

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6. Surf Arrakis shirt; $16-$47


If you're looking for a way to show your love of Dune that doesn't involve another book or movie, this vintage, travel-inspired shirt gives a whole new meaning to the term wormriding. You can also find the design in a range of colors and styles, including a hoodie version.

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7. Dune Funko Pops; various


Dune is a blockbuster movie, after all, so Funko was obviously going to turn the main cast into Pop! figurines. If your desk is lacking in the intergalactic savior and/or villain department, you can collect Pops based on Paul Atreides, Lady Jessica (played by Rebecca Ferguson), Duke Leto (played by Oscar Isaac), Duncan Idaho (played by Jason Momoa), and Baron Vladimir Harkonnen (played by Stellan Skarsgård).

Buy it: Paul Atreides, Lady Jessica, Duke Leto, Duncan Idaho, and Baron Vladimir Harkonnen

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