Chocolate Dunkaroos Are Now Back on Shelves Nationwide

General Mills
General Mills / General Mills
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Back in April 2021, it was announced that the classic chocolate Dunkaroos would be returning to 7-Elevens and grocery stores nationwide this summer. Well, that day has finally arrived, so if you want to relive your childhood in the form of vanilla cookies and chocolate frosting, you can now have at it whenever you want.

The vanilla dunking snack made its debut in 1992, and by the following year, General Mills released a variety of different flavors like chocolate, rainbow sprinkles, and cinnamon. But in 2012, they all disappeared from American grocery stores. That's because, according to Brad Hiranaga, General Mills’s chief brand officer for North America, investors wanted to focus on health food bars, which certainly wasn't the M.O. of the frosting-centric snack.

In May 2020, however, the original vanilla Dunkaroos made a comeback, so it was only natural that a year later the chocolate version would follow suit. Each pack of the chocolate Dunkaroos is $1.79, and they should be appearing in stores soon. Boxes of the vanilla version are currently on Amazon for $7.