The Sopranos-Themed Monopoly Lets You Buy, Sell, or Build Houses on the Bada Bing!

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If you've ever wished Monopoly was less family-friendly, this version from Op Games may appeal to you. As IndieWire reports, the company has released a new edition of the classic board game inspired by the hit HBO series The Sopranos.

In Sopranos Monopoly, players rack up real estate through illegal means. Houses have changed to “stashes,” and hotels are now “contraband.” The pieces players move around the board represent iconic objects from the series. You can play as Dr. Melfi’s chair, the Stugots boat, or the baby duck that occupies the Sopranos' swimming pool in the pilot episode.

Op Games

The properties are named after the favorite haunts of Tony Soprano and the rest of the mobster cast. Satriale’s Pork Store, Vesuvio Ristorante, and the Bada Bing! are a few of the squares you can land on. The original Monopoly pays homage to real streets in Atlantic City, so the Sopranos' New Jersey setting is fitting for the game.

You can purchase The Sopranos edition of Monopoly from the Op online store for $40. Here are some facts to read about the award-winning drama before the prequel, The Many Saints of Newark, premieres in October.

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