LEGO's New Seinfeld Apartment Set Lets You Hook Your Very Own Marble Rye

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For nine seasons, episodes of Seinfeld would mainly unfold inside of Monk’s Café, Jerry’s apartment, or on the streets of Manhattan. Now LEGO is bringing one of those sitcom locales to life (well, bricks) with this 1326-piece set based on Jerry’s apartment.

Inside this set, you'll find mini-figures of the main cast, along with Jerry’s arch-nemesis and neighbor, Newman. Recreate iconic moments from the show with pieces modeled on Kramer's coffee table book (about coffee tables) and a fishing rod that George can use to hook a loaf of marble rye.


The apartment keeps all the nuances from the show’s set and makes them miniature so you can faithfully recreate your favorite scenes. From the Superman sticker on the fridge to the blue barstools, no detail was spared. You can even test out new stand-up material like Jerry does at the beginning of each episode with the included comedy club stage and microphone.

Discover more about the Seinfeld Apartment set, now available for $80 on LEGO’s website.

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