Use One Dock to Wirelessly Charge Your Phone, Headphones, and Smartwatch Simultaneously

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Having a full battery for your phone, smartwatch, and headphones is probably near the top of everyone's priority list. And now, you can simultaneously juice up all the tech that gets you through the day without needing a bunch of wires, outlets, and tiny accessories.

This 4.3-star-rated three-in-one charging station lets you charge any phone, Apple Watch, and AirPods all at once, and it will cost you less than $35. Even though you’re limited to charging only Apple headphones and watches on this device, your phone can be from any brand that enables wireless charging like a Samsung Galaxy and Edge, Google Nexus and Pixel, and LG Optimus.

Set this device up on your bedside table or office desk and use it how you like. The anti-slip feet will keep the charging station in place, and you can even have your phone horizontal for better viewing as it charges. The band of light on the charger will glow blue when it detects an object and will turn green when it's done. You can turn the light off when you’re sleeping with the touch of a button.

Start charging all of your favorite mobile device together with this wireless charger available on Amazon.

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