The Shortest Oscar-Nominated Film Ever Made Has a Running Time of 100 Seconds

ogeday çelik/iStock via Getty Images
ogeday çelik/iStock via Getty Images / ogeday çelik/iStock via Getty Images

A short film must be less than 40 minutes long to be eligible for an Academy Award [PDF], but there's no minimum runtime it has to meet. In 2012, a short titled Fresh Guacamole pushed the boundaries of the category. Clocking in at 100 seconds long, it's the shortest film ever to be nominated for an Oscar.

Fresh Guacamole was written and directed by Adam Pesapane, who works under the pseudonym PES. The film uses stop-motion techniques to transform inedible objects into ingredients in the dip. A grenade becomes an avocado, a golf ball becomes a lime, and a pincushion becomes a tomato. The wordless story is packed with visual puns; ingredients are "diced" by turning into literal dice, and the guacamole is served with a pile of poker "chips" at the end.

The video below has been viewed over 400,000,000 times on YouTube, making it one of the most-watched Oscar shorts of all time. Though it didn't win the Academy Award for best short film in 2013, the film's noteworthy brevity has made it part of Oscars history. Here are more fascinating Oscars facts you should know.