If anyone had nits to pick about Netflix’s recent reboot of Unsolved Mysteries, it was usually that they didn’t use the original—and iconic—theme music that opened each episode of the 1987 to 1999 series about open-ended crime cases and paranormal events.

One of the more remarkable elements of the show (besides host Robert Stack in a trench coat) was that tune, created by composer Gary Malkin. “One of the things that really worked was the music,” series co-creator John Cosgrove said. “I had a lot of friends whose kids would run out the room because the music scared them so much.”

You can listen to the original track here:

Now, musician Eric Calderone has composed and performed his own take on the track, which puts it firmly in the heavy metal genre:

The remix is fitting, since the show was fond of using reenactments, and you might say this video falls under that category. Calderone said he did it because he's been of a fan of the series since he was a child and that Stack “used to scare the sh-t outta me.”

[h/t Nerdist]