Do You Know Who Invented These Life-Saving Vaccines?

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1. This microbiologist created over 40 vaccines, including one for measles.

A) Maurice Hilleman
B) Ludwik Fleck
C) Anatol Smorodintsev
D) Albert Calmette

2. This person created the rabies vaccine and came up with the concept of pasteurization.

A) Emile Roux
B) Hans Zinsser
C) Leila Denmark
D) Louis Pasteur

3. This woman collaborated with Moderna to develop its mRNA-based vaccine against COVID-19.

A) Kizzmekia Corbett
B) Isabel Morgan
C) Ruth Bishop
D) Anne Szarewski

4. This person created a "killed-virus" polio vaccine—and tested it on his family.

A) Michiaki Takahashi
B) Jonas Salk
C) Max Stern
D) Frank Macfarlane Burnet

5. This person developed the "live-virus" polio vaccine in 1960.

A) Jean-Joseph Henri Toussaint
B) Albert Sabin
C) Hans Zinsser
D) Michiaki Takahashi

6. This man introduced the concept of variolation to colonial Boston, which helped ward off smallpox.

A) Edward Bouchet
B) Benjamin Banneker
C) Percy Julian
D) Onesimus

7. After learning that mice could also catch it, this scientist created the vaccine for Yellow Fever.

A) Karl Landsteiner
B) Max Theiler
C) Leila Denmark
D) Jonas Salk

8. This person created the flu shot, which was first used during World War II.

A) Thomas Francis
B) Emile Roux
C) John McGarvie Smith
D) Jean-Joseph Henri Toussaint

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Answers: 1:A; 2:D; 3:A; 4:B; 5:B; 6:D; 7:B; 8:A