Business Cat Hired as Director of Communications at Internet Startup

facebooktwitterreddit, a Romanian internet startup, made waves the other day by hiring a cat as its new director of communications. Over 700 humans applied for this position, but the cat had a little something extra that caught the hiring manager's eye—whiskers, and a dapper suit. Bossy, a nine-month-old blue Scottish Fold cat, will be making £110 a month, with an added bonus of cat food. (Cats are notoriously bad with money, so hopefully his income will go to his owner or a charity.) 

For his first day, this very important business cat arrived in style. Accompanied by four secretaries, he rode up to the building in a white stretch limo. Naturally, he dressed the part, too, showing up in a sharp business suit and miniature tie.

"He came dressed in a suit like a corporate manager and had an impressive attitude," spokesperson Alexandra Cozac said. "He checked the computer and seemed quite intimidating, particularly because nobody really knew what message he was trying to convey."

The hope is that Bossy's intense glare will serve to motivate his employees and increase productivity. is an online store that delivers unique gifts in less than 24 hours. Bossy's day-to-day schedule will include promoting the brand and giving packages his paw print of approval before they are sent out. Befitting a cat of his status, Bossy has his own desk and a swivel chair.