Amazon Is Currently Having a Huge Sale on Kindles

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Are you the type of person who's always bringing home new books to add to your to-read pile and then just forgetting about them? There's actually a word for thattsundoku, which is a Japanese term that comes from the words tsumu ("to pile up") and doku ("to read"). And if your pile of unread books is starting to take up a bit too much real estate around your home, you can declutter your life while still buying all the titles you want, thanks to Amazon's Kindle sale.

The sale is applicable to Amazon's standard Kindle, as well as the thinner, waterproof Kindle Paperwhite. The original option has over 37,000 reviews and a 4.6-star rating, while the newer version has the same star rating and over 118,000 reviews. Both provide weeks of battery life, a six-inch glare-free screen, Wi-Fi capabilities, front lights, and the Audible app, if you enjoy audiobooks. Though the classic Kindle is only available in 8GB, the Paperwhite offers cellular connectivity in both 8GB and 32GB. You'll also get three months of Kindle Unlimited for free, which gives you access to millions of books, audiobooks, and newspapers at no extra cost.

Buy the Kindle Paperwhite on Amazon

Right now, the 8GB Kindle is on sale in both black and white for $65 with ads and $85 without ads. Those eyeing the Paperwhite can save $50 on the 8GB version with ads and $60 on the 32GB edition with ads. To free yourself from commercials, both the 8GB and 32GB Paperwhites are discounted at $100 and $120, respectively.

You'll also find standard Kindle bundles for $100 and 32GB Kindle Paperwhite bundles for $120. These bundles include power adapters and a waterproof fabric cover. However, both bundles are ad-supported, regardless of color or digital storage choice.

Check out Amazon’s Kindle sale here.

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