A Hot Dog Pizza is Now Yours For the Eating

Sonia Weiser
Pizza Hut, Facebook
Pizza Hut, Facebook / Pizza Hut, Facebook

Pizza Hut is helping to usher in a veritable pizza renaissance. A few weeks ago, the chain restaurant debuted their Blockbuster Box, and now, they’ve added a new item to the menu—the Hot Dog Bites Pizza. Starting June 18, you’ll be able to enjoy a pizza with 28 mini hot dogs baked right into the outer crust. Elahe Izadi of the Washington Post appropriately described it as “a pizza surrounded by a halo of hot dogs," served, of course, with a side of French mustard. 

New products like this are all a continuation of Pizza Hut’s 2014 rebranding efforts. From changing their logo and modernizing their website, to offering a variety of more experimental crusts, Pizza Hut is doing their best to reach Millennial customers. (They've even introduced a "Skinny Flavor" category to appeal to the more health conscious consumer.) 

Here's hoping their next initiative involves bringing alcohol-infused pizza to the masses.

[h/t Washington Post]