Eerie Polaroids From the Set of The Shining

Shaunacy Ferro

Stanley Kubrick’s hotel horror classic

The Shining

turns 35 this year. Take a gander at these eerie, amazing Polaroid photos featuring Jack Nicholson from the set. The lighting on the black-and-white film adds a certain haunted quality, no? With the exception of a few exterior shots on location, the



was entirely constructed on a studio lot in England, because Kubrick

hated to fly

. Kubrick built the Overlook Hotel interiors at the EMI-Elstree Studios. Because of the intensity of the lighting he used, a massive fire broke out and destroyed multiple sound stages, costing millions to rebuild. (See Kubrick standing in front of the wreckage


.)  For more about the making of the film, check out

this documentary

with the film crew created in 2013.