Do You Know Who Sings These Frequently Banned Wedding Songs?

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1. “Shout”

A) Isley Brothers
B) Earther, Wind, & Fire
C) The Everly Brothers

2. “Electric Boogie (The Electric Slide)”

A) Marcia Griffiths
B) DJ Casper
C) Los Del Rio

3. “Cupid Shuffle”

A) Fall Out Boy
B) Cupid
C) Cupid’s Inspiration

4. “Blurred Lines”

A) Robin Thicke
B) Silento
C) Bruno Mars

5. “Happy”

A) Bruno Mars
B) Pharrell Williams
C) Robin Thicke

6. “YMCA”

A) Village People
B) Villagers
C) Bee Gees

7. “Macarena”

A) Los Del Rio
B) DJ Casper
C) Pitbull

8. “Single Ladies”

A) Ciara
B) Beyonce
C) Destiny’s Child

9. “Cha Cha Slide”

A) Robin Thicke
B) Village People
C) DJ Casper

10. “Cotton Eye Joe”

A) Rednex
B) Garth Brooks
C) Big & Rich

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Answers: 1:A; 2:A; 3:B; 4:A; 5:B; 6:A; 7:A; 8:B; 9:C; 10:A