Cameo’s 20 Most Requested TV Stars of 2021 Is Full of Weird, Wonderful Throwbacks

The Office star Brian Baumgartner is a Cameo success story.
The Office star Brian Baumgartner is a Cameo success story. / Sarah Morris/Getty Images
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You probably weren't expecting to find Brian Baumgartner, better known as Kevin from The Office, on a list of top celebrities for 2021. Chances are, you completely forgot about Lindsay Lohan’s brief stint on the small screen in the 2012 made-for-TV film Liz & Dick, and haven’t thought about Alex Hooper (a contestant on seasons 13 and 15 of America's Got Talent) in years, either.

But on Cameo, the app that allows you to purchase personalized video messages from celebrities, these stars share something big in common: They all made it onto the company’s list of the most requested TV personalities of the year, through July 31.

This recently released round-up, as seen on USA Today, is full of weird and random inclusions—it reads like a who's who of stars from yesteryear—but that's part of what makes it so much fun. Actor James Marsters (who played Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer) is in the top five, and reality-show figures like Big Ed, who appeared on 90-Day Fiancé, and Bennett Kirschner from Married at First Sight also made the cut.

You can see the full list of Cameo's most requested TV stars (and their rates) below.

The most requested TV celebrities in 2021

  1. Jesse Metcalfe (Desperate Housewives), $159
  2. Josh Sussman (Glee, Wizards of Waverly Place), $50
  3. James Marsters (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), $50
  4. Brian Baumgartner (The Office), $195
  5. Ty Olsson (Wynonna Earp, Supernatural), $50
  6. Ray Abruzzo (The Sopranos, The Practice), $99
  7. Ed Brown, a.k.a. "Big Ed" (90-Day Fiancé), $69
  8. Ryan Ochoa (iCarly), $99
  9. Andy Buckley (Odd Mom Out, The Office), $199
  10. Colin Mochrie (Whose Line Is It Anyway?), $150
  11. Bennett Kirschner (Married at First Sight), $45
  12. Sandra Diaz Twine (Survivor), $60
  13. Alex Hooper (America's Got Talent), $40
  14. Jesse McCartney (Young & Hungry, Summerland), $200
  15. Michael Weatherly (Bull, NCIS), $149
  16. Lindsay Lohan (Sick Note, Liz & Dick), $375
  17. Luis Moncada (Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad), $99
  18. Martin Kove (Cobra Kai), $245
  19. Jay Jackson (Scandal, Parks and Recreation), $69
  20. Sarah Drew (Grey's Anatomy, Cruel Summer) $300

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