LEGO’s Much-Hyped Fender Stratocaster and Amp Kit Has Arrived—Here’s Where To Get It

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For decades, the Fender Stratocaster has been a favorite of many great rock 'n' roll musicians, including George Harrison, Jimi Hendrix, and Buddy Holly. Now, LEGO fans who love to rock out can have the best of both worlds, as the brand has finally set a release date for its long-awaited Strat and amp kit.

Available to order starting Friday, October 1, this set first made headlines back in October 2020, when news of its impending arrival initially broke. This 1074-piece LEGO set will retail for $100, which is significantly cheaper than a genuine Fender Stratocaster and amp would cost you in real life (you just won't be headlining any stadium shows with it).


Created by Slovakian fan designer Tomáš Letenay, who originally entered this set into the LEGO Ideas Music to Our Ears competition in 2020, this miniature version features all the details of the real-life instrument, including a posable whammy bar, six strings, a shoulder strap, and tuning pegs. You can even customize the Strat by building it with red or black blocks, and display your handiwork with the included foldable stand.

And since an electric guitar is nothing without an amplifier, this kit comes with a buildable 1965 Princeton Reverb amp, complete with an authentic-looking motherboard, input channels, and reverb tank behind a removable panel. There’s also a footswitch and cables, so you can plug the guitar into the amp like in real life. In addition, you'll get four model-scale picks, Fender logo stickers, and a booklet detailing LEGO's competition and the legendary history of the Stratocaster.

Make sure to head to the LEGO site to check out the Ideas Fender Stratocaster set, which will be available for $100 on Friday, October 1.

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