Declutter Your Cabinet Shelves With This Best-Selling Pan Organizer for Under $17 on Amazon

Deco Brothers/Amazon
Deco Brothers/Amazon / Deco Brothers/Amazon
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When you're trying to organize pots and pans, stacking one on top of the other seems like the easiest solution. However, it's also a quick way to turn your kitchen shelves and cabinets into a black hole of sorts for cookware. Think about it: What if the pan you want isn't at the top? You may end up having to sift through multiple piles to get what you want, creating more clutter in the process.

Using a pan rack can help prevent this vortex effect from taking hold in your kitchen, and right now, you can get one of the most popular options on Amazon for a major discount. Originally priced from $30, the Deco Brothers kitchen counter and cabinet pan organizer is on sale in bronze and silver for just under $17, so you could save up to $13.

Get the Deco Brothers Pan Organizer on Amazon

This 4.5-star-rated organizer is designed to hold up to five pans, and you can stand it either vertically in a cabinet or drawer or horizontally to hold your skillets in place on a countertop. At 11.75 inches tall, this rack has room to spare, even for your biggest pans, and it comes with screws to secure it to a wall if you prefer to do so.

More than 12,000 Amazon reviewers appreciate this organizer's versatility and how easy it makes things around the kitchen. One reviewer commented that they bought this device to help their mother stop lifting heavy pans to get the one she needed. They even split the rack into two parts when they took the wrong measurements, and it didn’t fit as one piece in the cabinet. “This works even better for us because now there is a place at the top of both of them for big pans,” said the reviewer. “Mom can lift pans in and out much easier. Every little thing that makes life less painful is a big win.”

This simple yet effective pan rack on Amazon could be a game-changer and is absolutely worth checking out. If you need a can organizer, Simple Houseware Stackable Can Rack is also on sale right now for about $25 (down from $33), and has over 21,000 positive reviews and a 4.5-star rating on the site.

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