Make Your Own Kombucha With This 4.7-Star-Rated Kit

The Kombucha Shop/Amazon
The Kombucha Shop/Amazon / The Kombucha Shop/Amazon
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Kombucha can provide plenty of benefits to your overall gut health, but at around $4 per bottle, it's a habit that can quickly put a dent in your budget if you're indulging multiple times per week. Just like making your favorite coffee at home can save you a chunk of change at the end of the month, brewing your own kombucha is a smart way to cut down on expenses. Luckily, making your own isn’t as difficult or daunting as it seems—and this 4.7-star-rated DIY kit from The Kombucha Shop has everything you need to get started.

The kit essentially holds your hand through the entire process with its step-by-step instructions and expertise. And it's packed with all the ingredients and tools you need to get going, including a one-gallon glass brew jar, kombucha culture and liquid starter, organic cane sugar, loose-leaf black and oolong tea, pH test strips, six 16-ounce swing-top bottles, and more.

Not only are all the basic ingredients and tools packaged up in a single kit, but everything is made as foolproof as possible. The glass jar is imprinted with brew notes that help you track your batch directly on the jar using the included dry-erase marker. The clear and concise instructions explain the brewing process, and the post-brewing guide walks you through steps like proper bottling and caring for your SCOBY (a live culture that helps ferment the tea). Best of all, once you buy this kit, you’re good for future batches as long as you have sugar and tea leaves.

After you get the hang of brewing the first batch, you can experiment with different teas and flavors to create your own personal favorites (one Amazon reviewer went with a ginger, turmeric, and orange juice version, while another opted for lemon-raspberry). The Kombucha Shop also guarantees that your first batch will ferment or they will send over a free replacement.

The Kombucha Shop originally gained notoriety after an appearance on Shark Tank, and now you can find their popular kit on Amazon for $45.

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