Love Hosting Movie Nights? You Can Get This Portable Projector and Screen for Less Than $85

Watch your favorite films on the big screen whenever you want.
Watch your favorite films on the big screen whenever you want. / PVO/Mdbebbron/Amazon/Dony/iStock/GettyImages
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Heading to the movie theater can be an excellent way to see the latest releases, but with more and more films premiering in theaters and via streaming at the same time, an at-home theater can be a great alternative. However, this can potentially cost thousands of dollars. For a more DIY approach, investing in a high-quality portable projector and screen is the way to go, and right now, you can get some of the best-rated models of both on sale on Amazon.

For a limited time, you can get both the PVO YG300Pro portable mini projector and the Mdbebbron 120-inch projection screen for less than $85. The PVO 300Pro typically costs $99 but has been marked down to $70. If you click the extra 20-percent-off coupon on the page, it reduces the price even more, down to $56. Originally $50, the Mdbebbron screen is also on sale—it's discounted by 44 percent, so you'll only pay $28. Even without the discounts, both items would run you less than $150, but with this deal, you can really pocket some extra savings.

PVO YG300Pro portable mini projector with cables beside it next to a laptop on a table
PVO YG300Pro portable mini projector / PVO/Amazon

The 4.4-star-rated PVO YG300Pro has more than 4000 reviews and weighs less than a pound. At less than 6-inches long, 4-inches wide, and just over 2-inches tall, this projector can fit into almost any backpack or tote bag, which makes it easy to transport. The device lets you show anything up to 170 inches and offers a 1080-pixel, full high-definition (HD) display. Because it has a power adapter, you can connect it to a charging bank and take this gadget outside. You'll even be able to adjust the color saturation and brightness depending on the sunlight. Despite the fact that this projector doesn’t have Wi-Fi and isn't Bluetooth enabled, it's equipped with multiple ports, so you can hook it up to your phone, laptop, or camera.

Many reviewers have used this device to cast images onto walls and other flat surfaces. One reviewer who used it with her Roku Ultra wrote: “Considering I don’t have much wall space for projection, I currently have it at about 50 inches or so, and the picture is as clear as a TV!” Another customer enjoys the portability of the projector. “I like that I can move it from room to room. This was a better purchase than buying a TV,” the user added.

Mdbebbron projector screen, ropes, hooks, and more on a white background.
Mdbebbron projector screen / Mdbebbron/Amazon

If you want to have a dedicated surface to point your projector toward, the Mdbebbron 120-inch screen is the way to go. With a 4.5-star rating and more than 27,000 reviews, this lightweight screen offers a widescreen format aspect ratio of 16 by 9 and a large viewing surface of 104 inches by 58 inches. The screen has grommets in the corners and comes with hooks, ropes, brackets, and nails, so you can mount it to your wall or frame it. Additionally, because the screen is made of natural polyester material, you can easily fold the screen up and travel with it in your backpack and not have to worry about creases forming. You can even throw it in the washing machine if it gets stains.

Many reviewers commented that once the screen is properly stretched out, the picture looks perfect. “It took me less than [10] minutes to set it up. I used hooks and the rope, and it was really easy to stretch into place [with] no [wrinkles] or discoloration,” wrote one reviewer. One customer even built a frame out of PVC pipe, while others have used staple guns.

Upgrade your home theater setup and start streaming with the PVO 3000Pro portable mini projector and Mdbebbron projection screen on Amazon while these discounts last.

This story was originally published in 2021; it has been updated for 2022.