Reviewers Say This Le Creuset Pot Is Perfect for Everyday Use—and Now It’s 40 Percent Off

Le Creuset
Le Creuset / Le Creuset
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When imagining your dream kitchen, a colorful piece of cookware sitting on your stovetop might be part of the scene. Or, perhaps the food and cooking enthusiast in your life has raved about Le Creuset and the durability of the brand's cast-iron cookware. Now you can get one of your own at a big discount.

Originally $300, you can get the top-rated Le Creuset sauteuse in select colors for $180, so you're getting 40 percent off. A sauteuse is defined by its shape and size. According to Le Creuset, while a Dutch oven or sauté pan has straight sides, the sauteuse has sloped sides and a rounded base, which makes it easier to get into the corners of the pot with a spatula or whisk.

With a 3.5-quart capacity, Le Creuset's sauteuse is ideal for searing, sautéing, braising, and frying for smaller servings. Say you're not looking to cooking for a large gathering—this pot is the perfect size for one-dish meals and everyday use.

Aside from how great it looks on a stovetop or dinner table surface, the sauteuse is oven safe at all temperatures and fine to use in a dishwasher. Best of all, Le Creuset has a lifetime warranty, with the website stating that “[defective] cookware will be replaced free of charge, or replaced by a similar product or one of equivalent value if the product is no longer in production.”

This discount is massive and supplies are limited—so limited, in fact, that only two colors (agave and azure) are still up for grabs as of this writing. Get it on the Le Creuset website here while you still can.

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