Get This Fashionable Retro Toaster on Sale for $40

Keenstone/Amazon / Keenstone/Amazon
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When conjuring up images of your dream kitchen, a retro-inspired toaster could be the perfect pop of color you need to break up the monotony of your countertop. Though Smeg is probably the most popular brand out there for kitchen appliances with a vintage flair, those toasters could run you somewhere around $260. If that's not within your budget, you can still get the perfect retro accent for your kitchen without breaking the bank with this retro toaster from Keenstone, which is currently on sale for $40 on Amazon.

With a 4.6-star rating after more than 2400 reviews, shoppers have flocked to this model as a go-to Smeg alternative. One reviewer found it to be “a great toaster, works good, looks cute, has a bagel setting. Definitely bought it for the looks but works great!”

The stainless-steel build is designed for long-term use, and its extra-wide toasting slots make it ideal for everything from slices of bread to bagels and English muffins. And if you're dealing with frozen bread, there's a defrost function that helps thaw the food for about 30 seconds before toasting. In addition to dedicated buttons for bagels and defrosting, you can select from six different toast shade settings to control just how crispy you want your carbs to get. And to make cleanup even easier, the removable tray collects all the crumbs when you're done cooking.

You can get the Keenstone retro-inspired toaster on Amazon for $40. It's also available in black, red, white, beige, and mint green.

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