Get This Cult-Favorite ThermoWorks Instant-Read Thermometer While It's On Sale

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The best recipes require precision, especially when it comes to temperature. In addition to ensuring a great taste and texture, maintaining a specific temperature for food is key when it comes to safety. Now, you can get accurate reads on your cooking for a fraction of the cost during the ThermoWorks instant-read thermometer sale.

The 4.9-star-rated Thermapen Mk4 instant-read thermometer has been lauded by experts from America's Test Kitchen, Epicurious, and Forbes for both speed and accuracy when measuring food temperatures. One particular reviewer shared that sentiment, stating that the Thermapen is “by far, the finest thermometer available. There is nothing else that will improve your cooking more than cooking to the right temperature.” An instant-read thermometer is different from a regular thermometer as it gives you a temperature read within seconds of probing the food. During this ThermoWorks sale, you can get this model for $30 off.

If you're looking for a solid—but less expensive—standard thermometer, there's always the 4.7-star-rated ThermoWorks DOT Simple Alarm Thermometer. This model also comes recommended by experts from America's Test Kitchen and, and is known for being simple to use (there are only two buttons, after all). It can measure temperatures from -58°F to 572°F, and it features a large display reader and a separate 4.5-inch penetration probe. The splash-proof display shows current temperature and target temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, and it is available in a variety of colors to choose from. This model isn't on sale right now, but its standard price is only $45.

Get your own cooking thermometer during the ThermoWorks sale while you can. 

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