Make Your Food Last Longer With This Highly Rated Vacuum Sealer, Which Is on Sale Right Now

Mueller Austria/Amazon
Mueller Austria/Amazon / Mueller Austria/Amazon
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It’s hard not to get overzealous when browsing great deals at the grocery store, especially if you’re the type of person who likes to hoard ingredients. Sometimes, though, you’ll find that you’ve bought 10 more steaks than necessary, or that sale on bell peppers made you buy way more than you could possibly finish in a week. Unfortunately, the enemies of freshness—moisture and air—seep into all foods over time, and if you don't eat it quickly, your produce will likely sport brown spots or even some colorful, fuzzy mold within a few days. To help combat the scourge of spoilage, you can opt for a vacuum sealer, which is a great appliance for keeping as much air away from your food as possible.

With almost 9000 reviews and a 4.4-star rating, the Mueller Austria Vacuum Sealer Machine helps make sure your food lasts longer without much work on your part. All you have to do is place your food in a bag, put the open end in the vacuum chamber, close the lid, and let the machine work its magic. Best of all, this model comes with dual sealing modes, with one setting for dry foods and a moist setting for poached, simmered, or steamed foods. The vacuum sealer isn’t just great for storing food, either—it can also help with quick marinades or making pickles. 

In addition to praise for being a budget-friendly way to keep food fresher for longer, one reviewer explained how it helped them cook a perfect steak using the sous vide method. "I used it for the first time yesterday to vacuum seal a steak to cook sous vide," the reviewer said. "I'd never used a vacuum sealer, nor had I seen anyone else use one. Slipped the steak in a bag, read the directions, and had it all vacuum packed in a total of about a minute... Dead simple and it worked great. No trace of a leak either in or out."

With each order, you'll get the vacuum machine and hose, along with five vacuum bags (7.8 inches by 11.8 inches) and one extra-long vacuum bag roll (7.8 inches by 79.0 inches). The bags are waterproof and reusable, and you can always buy extras here.

You can get the Mueller Austria Vacuum Sealer on Amazon for 36 percent off right now, bringing the final price down to $45.

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