Reviewers Say These Crest Whitestrips Are Totally Worth the Hype—Now They’re on Sale

Crest/Amazon / Crest/Amazon
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If you want friends and colleagues gushing over how bright your smile looks over Zoom or in person, Crest 3D Whitestrips are the way to go. These strips can help remove up to 10 years worth of tough, set-in stains, including those made from wine, coffee, smoking and more by using the same enamel-safe whitening agent that dentists use, and according to the brand, work to whiten teeth 25 times better than a leading whitening toothpaste. Now, thanks to this Amazon deal, you can try these out for yourself and save some extra money while you're at it.

Originally $39.99, this kit is on sale for $35.11. But when you clip the $8 off on-page coupon, the price drops even lower, to $27.11, so you'll save 32 percent in total. With almost 10,000 glowing reviews and a 4.6-star-rating, Crest's popular teeth-whitening strips are one of those hyped-up products on Amazon that shoppers say actually work.

One customer, a self-proclaimed daily coffee drinker, noted that they “grab one of these packs about twice a year when [they're] feeling that [their] teeth need to be addressed,” and that the strips are “easy to use and come with directions.” Another was impressed by the thicker design of these strips compared to earlier boxes, and declared that “the product design is way better than it used to be. Previously[,] the strips were a lot thinner and wouldn't really grip your teeth, which meant they would slide around and foam up, making a huge mess.” But now, according to that reviewer, the “strips themselves are thicker, and there's an adhesive element that reacts with your saliva to bond the strips to your teeth. This is a much better experience, as they don't move around, and there's no peroxide overflow.” Many shoppers do recommend testing out the product beforehand, as those with tooth sensitivity might find the strips hard to use frequently.

This Crest kit includes 14 whitening strip treatments, which individual strips for your top and bottom teeth, as well as two 1-Hour Express treatments. All you have to do is peel the strips, apply the upper and lower ones to your teeth, and leave them on for once a day for 30 minutes. The 1-Hour Express works the same way, but you get quicker results after leaving the strips on for 60 minutes. The strips also use advanced seal technology to stay put, so you can whiten your teeth while you talk, work, or even drink water.

Get it on Amazon here.

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