Save at Least 30 Percent on Board Games Like Catan, Monopoly, Gloomhaven, and More Right Now

Catan Studio/Amazon
Catan Studio/Amazon / Catan Studio/Amazon
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If your board game collection is looking a little sparse these days, Amazon is currently holding a sale that can save you at least 30 percent on a range of titles (with some going as high as 50 percent off). The bulk of the sale revolves around classics like Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly. But if you're a Catan fan (or want to get into the game), there's a lot to choose from.

Usually, the base game costs $55, but this offer lets you get it for just $30. That's great for beginners, but it doesn't end there. You'll also find a whole host of special editions of the game on sale, too, such as the 25th Anniversary Edition, which is now 35 percent off, and the Junior Edition for just $15. A Game of Thrones Catan is one of the biggest steals of the day with a 55-percent discount that brings the price down from $80 to $36.

Beyond the Catan universe, there are plenty of other discounted board games to choose from, including casual titles like the Marvel Funkoverse strategy game and Candyland: Giants Edition, alongside more intense options like Risk: The Lord of The Rings Trilogy Edition for $37 and Gloomhaven for just $85.

Make sure to head on over to Amazon and check out all these discount games and more.

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