This Just In: Selfie Sticks Now Used for Breaking News

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The next news report you watch could be coming to you via selfie stick.

The LiveU SmartGRIP, a close relative of the same tool that's been banned from countless museums, festivals, and other attractions, is now being employed by journalists in Australia to share breaking news. Using an app also produced by LiveU, reporters for Sky News have been recording stories from the field on their smartphones.

Greg Byrnes, Sky News Live's channel manager, told Mashable Australia that reporters are able to "connect in a matter of seconds," by plugging in their cell phones and microphones. 

Journalists need not worry about a network connection: If users can access Wi-Fi, they're in the clear. But if Wi-Fi isn't available, reporters also have the option of using their phone's wireless network, or even the SmartGRIP's own mobile hotspot. Power shouldn't be an issue, either, because the stick comes with its own rechargeable battery.

According to LiveU, the only compatible phones are iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, and Samsung's S3, and Note—the latest iPhones and Androids just won't do the trick. Another potential obstacle: carrying almost a pound of weight at arm's length might create some problems, but as Mashable noted, Sky News reporters did just fine in this slightly shaky interview with Ed Miliband, a British politician.