Your Lightsaber Might Just Be a Kickstarter Away

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You're closer to owning a lightsaber than you think.

Saber Forge, a company based in Portland, Oregon, is producing Adaptive Saber Parts to help you build your own lightsaber, according to their new Kickstarter campaign. The campaign is designed to help the average Joe take part in the fun of lightsabers without the need for "expensive machinery, soldering equipment, or years of prop building experience."

The company has made sabers in the past, but now they're preparing to mass-produce hundreds of different parts for building your own "movie-quality custom saber," which comes with a full-year warranty in case of damage (from, say, a particularly intense battle). They crushed their $100,000 goal by raising almost twice that in under two weeks, and there's still almost a month left on the project.

On Saber Forge's website you can explore the products they've already made, learn more about what the company offers, and even join a forum of like-minded lightsaber lovers. 

If you're interested, $150 will get you your own parts (and everything else you might need), but donations as low as $5 will get you a lightsaber-themed cosplay art print. The company makes it clear that they're in no way associated with Lucasfilms, but they're still your best bet for ensuring that the force is with you. Learn more about their Kickstarter here.