Pamper Yourself With 20 Percent off Silk Robes, Pillowcases, and More During Blissy’s Fall Sale

Blissy / Blissy
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SIlk—the cool, natural fiber that comes from insect larvae—has long been associated with luxury, but over the last few years, the benefits it can potentially have on hair and skin has made it a must-have beauty item, too. According to Healthline, a silk pillowcase can be better to sleep on than a cotton pillowcase because it’s gentler and absorbs less moisture, leaving your hair and skin feeling supple in the morning. For those who want to put this to the test themselves without shelling out hundreds of dollars, Blissy, a popular silk-pillowcase brand, has a sale you’ll want to check out.

Most of Blissy's products are already marked down 20 percent to 50 percent, but from now until Tuesday, December 21, you can use the code FALLINLOVE20 at checkout to get an extra 20 percent off your whole order. This offer is valid for all products the store has to offer, so you can get everything you’ve been wanting and still save a few bucks in the process.


Blissy offers 100-percent Mulberry silk in many forms, such as pillowcases, eye sleep masks, scrunchies, robes, and face masks. The brand also offers mesh laundry bags to help you take care of your silk products, and pillow mists to add to your bedtime experience. If you’re interested in multiple products, the Blissy Dream sets come with a pillowcase in whichever size you prefer, a sleep mask, a regular-sized scrunchie, and a skinny scrunchie, available in six colors.

The site has a loyal fanbase and accumulated over 55,000 reviews on its site. One reviewer has seen a dramatic difference in her hair after using one of Blissy’s pillowcases. “I have frizzy hair but not after using the silk. [I don’t] have to do my hair every day anymore,” the customer wrote. Another shopper uses the sleep mask and likes that it stays on her head throughout the night, even when she’s tossing and turning. “I love this sleep mask. [It’s] comfortable and thick enough that it blocks out all light! All the other sleep masks I’ve used block out light, but not completely,” the customer wrote.

Check out Blissy’s full range of products and be sure to use the code FALLINLOVE20 at checkout for 20 percent off your whole order through Tuesday, December 21.

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