Help Solve the Mystery of This 54-Year-Old Letter

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The Reddit hive mind is at work to solve a new mystery and may need your help. When a user bought a used copy of Herman Voader’s Four Plays of Our Time at a used bookstore, he discovered a letter written in Toronto on August 2, 1961 tucked inside. The letter was written as a thank you note from one Joseph Usvaltas on behalf of one Miss Zita Jukna to a Miss Weston. It reads:

Allow me to extend a heartfelt thanks with these roses on behalf of Miss Zita Jukna, who did benefit from your generous contributions while residing in refugee camps in Germany.  Forever we will remain grateful to you for your kind deed. It was a deeply moving experience for them to comprehend, that a total stranger extended her hand, helping them make a new start in life.

The letter states that the woman and her parents were able to move to Canada.

Looking for answers, the user (who has since deleted his name) posted an image of the letter on Reddit’s book subreddit in hopes that other users could lend their knowledge to satisfy his curiosity about the writer and recipient of the letter.

So far, 13 people have responded with their thoughts.

Know anything? Feel like doing some research? Go to the subreddit to add your knowledge. 

[h/t Electric Literature]