It's Official: Denis Villeneuve's Dune Is Getting a Sequel in 2023

Alon Amir/Warner Bros.
Alon Amir/Warner Bros. / Alon Amir/Warner Bros.

For years now, we’ve wondered if director Denis Villeneuve was going to get a chance to complete his adaptation of Dune, Frank Herbert’s seminal 1965 science fiction book. The first movie just came out over the weekend (and is doing quite well financially), but it only adapts half of the first book. It’s been an open question whether Warner Bros. and Legendary would let Villeneuve make a sequel to complete the rest of the novel—and we finally have an answer.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dune: Part Two is officially a go. "We would not have gotten to this point without the extraordinary vision of Denis [Villeneuve] and the amazing work of his talented crew, the writers, our stellar cast, our partners at Warner Bros., and of course the fans," Legendary said in a press statement. "Here’s to more Dune."

Villeneuve is clearly also thrilled. He issued his own statement, noting that: "I just received news from Legendary that we are officially moving forward with Dune: Part Two. It was a dream of mine to adapt Frank Herbert’s Dune and I have the fans, the cast and crew, Legendary, and Warner Bros. to thank for supporting this dream. This is only the beginning."

"Casting for the film’s second part has not yet been announced," according to Variety, "but many members of the ensemble, such as [Timothée] Chalamet, have said they’re game to come back for more. As for Villeneuve, not only has he directed his biggest box office hit, but he’s also getting to adapt the novel his way."

When does Dune: Part Two come out?

Clearly not wanting to waste any time, Warner Bros. Pictures Group chairman Toby Emmerich even confirmed a release date for the sequel with the announcement: Dune: Part Two will be out in October 2023. When it lands, it will be in theaters first and on HBO Max later. This first film dropped onto the streaming service at the same time that it landed in theaters, but that’s an experiment only designed to last through the end of the year.

October 2023 is still two years away, but the first film was difficult to make and it will take some time to get everyone together to film the second part. And who knows? Maybe in the meantime, the studios will give Villeneuve the green light to make the third Dune film he’s been dreaming about.

[h/t The Hollywood Reporter]