Halloween is a few days away, which means decorations of ghosts and monsters are everywhere you look. No matter how well you know your spooky iconography, you may have trouble finding the hidden image in this spooky puzzle. Designed by 247 Blinds in honor of the upcoming holiday, this brainteaser features a witch who's missing her black cat—see how long it takes you to find it.

Hidden image Halloween puzzle.

Spooky brainteasers like this can be a great activity for kids—or adults who need a break from costume planning and shopping for candy. In addition to the witch, the graphic above features many creepy objects and characters often associated with the holiday, like ghosts, pumpkins, cauldrons, and haunted houses. While those images are easy to spot, you may have trouble finding the black cat hiding in the scene. Here's a hint: Although the witch standing above her cauldron has a gray cat at her feet, the one black cat in the puzzle is sitting in a less-obvious place.

Give this puzzle a long, hard look before checking the solution in the image below. If you want to spend even more time looking at the pattern, you can purchase it as a blind here. After solving this mystery, you might want to see if you can find the jack-o'-lantern without a nose and the ghost hiding among the skeletons, too.

Hidden image Halloween puzzle solution.