The World's 22 Best iPhone Photos

Amy Paterson via IPPAWARDS
Amy Paterson via IPPAWARDS / Amy Paterson via IPPAWARDS

Thanks to ever-improving technology—not to mention sheer convenience—the phones in our pockets are steadily replacing cameras. Traditionalists might grumble about that fact, but, as the winners of iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAWARDS) show, even a cameraphone can create a masterpiece. The 8th annual contest had thousands of entries from photographers in 120 countries around the world; awards were given to 57 photographers in 19 categories, and three Photographers of the Year were crowned. You can check out some of the most beautiful shots below.

1. First Place, Photographer of the Year // Michał Koralewski, Poland

Michał Koralewski via IPPAWARDS

2. Second Place, Photographer of the Year // David Craik, United Kingdom

David Craik via IPPAWARDS

3. Third Place, Photographer of the Year // Yvonne Lu, United States

Yvonne Lu via IPPAWARDS

4. First Place, Abstract // Ben Schuyler, United States

Ben Schuyler via IPPAWARDS

5. First Place, Animals // Sephi Bergerson, India

Sephi Bergerson via IPPAWARDS

6. First Place, Architecture // Christian Frank, Germany

Christian Frank via IPPAWARDS

7. First Place, Children // Jeremy Kern, United States

Jeremy Kern via IPPAWARDS

8. First Place, Flowers // Amy Paterson, South Africa

Amy Paterson via IPPAWARDS

9. First Place, Food // Xu Lin, China


10. First Place, Landscapes // Chris Belcina, United States

Chris Belcina via IPPAWARDS

11. First Place, Lifestyle // Fabio Alvarez, Ecuador

Fabio Alvarez via IPPAWARDS

12. First Place, Nature // Yvonne Naughton, United States

Yvonne Naughton via IPPAWARDS

13. First Place, News/Events // Jesse Alkire, United States

Jesse Alkire via IPPAWARDS

14. First Place, Others // Jose Luis Saez Martinez, Spain

Jose Luis Saez Martinez via IPPAWARDS

15. First Place, Panorama // Andre Malerba, United States

Andre Malerba via IPPAWARDS

16. First Place, People // Song Han, China

Song Han via IPPAWARDS

17. First Place, Portrait // Daniele Colombera

Daniele Colombera via IPPAWARDS

18. First Place, Seasons // Heather Goss, United States

Heather Goss via IPPAWARDS

19. First Place, Still Life // Cindy Buske, United States

Cindy Buske via IPPAWARDS

20. First Place, Sunsets // Robert Radesic, Croatia

Robert Radesic via IPPAWARDS

21. First Place, Travel // Ahmed Saeed, Egypt

Ahmed Saeed via IPPAWARDS

22. First Place, Trees // Ruairidh McGlynn, United Kingdom

Ruairidh McGlynn via IPPAWARDS

For second and third place winners in each category, as well as stories about some of the photos, check out the IPPAWARDS website.