Play-Doh's New '90s-Inspired Set Features Scents Based on VHS Rental Stores, Mall Food Courts, and More

Hasbro/Amazon / Hasbro/Amazon
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From the fashion to the music, there's plenty to miss about the 1990s. And Millennials who grew up during the decade may feel especially nostalgic for the toys of the era, many of which were refreshingly low-tech, like simple jars of Play-Doh. Now, according to Nerdist, '90s kids can relive the experience of squeezing and sculpting the fragrant putty during playtime with a new line of Play-Doh featuring scents based on some of the decade's most recognizable cultural trends.

The smells featured in Play-Doh's new Grown Up Scents: '90s Edition pack are meant to transport you back to the days of grunge rock and Blockbuster. Instead of the product's classic aroma, each jar of dough comes in one of six scents: Eau de Boy Band, VHS Rental ‘N Chill, Pump Up The Jamz, Dial-Up Delight, Mall Food Court, and Flannel Fresh.

Play-Doh got creative when capturing the odors that best represent the 1990s. VHS Rental ‘N Chill is perfumed with a buttered popcorn scent, and Mall Food Court is made to smell like mystery meat. When you take a whiff of Eau de Boy Band, you should be hit with a pine cologne essence that reminds you of your favorite pop star. The other scents are more abstract: Flannel Fresh is a floral fragrance, Dial-Up Delight smells like strawberries, and Pump Up the Jamz captures a "hip-hop sneaker scent."

The perfect Play-Doh set if you ever wanted to smell like a bucket of popcorn.
The perfect Play-Doh set if you ever wanted to smell like a bucket of popcorn. / Hasbro/Amazon

This isn't Play-Doh's first attempt to appeal to their grown-up fanbase. Last year, the brand released its first line of Play-Doh for adults with mature scents like Overpriced Latte, Lord of the Lawn, and Spa Day. The special-edition '90s collection aims to draw in buyers with nostalgic scents instead of everyday smells from adulthood.

Play-Doh Grown Up Scents: '90s Edition is now available on Amazon for $12 a box. Each package contains six jars—one for each retro scent. If your favorite smell from the '90s is plain Play-Doh, there's nothing stopping you from buying the classic stuff for yourself, too.

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