This Amazon Streaming Device With Over 753,000 Reviews Is Now Half Off Ahead of Black Friday

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Many early Black Friday deals have already started popping up online, and one place that is embracing this trend full-on is Amazon. The retailer has slashed prices for many of its products. One, in particular, is the wildly popular Fire TV Stick 4K, which is now half off.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K usually costs $50, but it’s currently on sale for just $25. We aren’t sure how long this deal will last, so if you’ve wanted to try out this streaming device but didn't want to shell out for it at full price, now is your chance to grab it and save. The Fire TV Stick Lite ($22) and standard Fire TV Stick ($28) are also both marked down 30 percent off, respectively. However, the Fire TV Stick 4K is probably your best investment.

Buy the Fire TV Stick 4K for $24.99 (list price $49.99) on Amazon

One of the features we love most about the 4.7-star-rated Fire TV Stick 4K is that it delivers 4K ultra high-definition picture quality and supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos audio on select titles, so you'll feel like you’re at the movies from the comfort of your own home. The Fire TV Stick 4K is an especially great option for those who primarily stream on Amazon Prime, or who have channel subscriptions to Starz, Cinemax, Shudder, and other services through their Prime accounts. It also has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to access streaming services like Disney+, Hulu, and HBO Max.

Another major advantage to the Fire TV Stick 4K compared to most other Fire streaming models is the remote it comes with, as this device is Alexa voice-enabled, so you can tell the virtual assistant what you want to watch without having to search or type it in yourself. If you don't mind spending a little bit more, the newly released Fire TV Stick 4K Max (which isn't on sale and retails for $55) offers the same qualities as the Fire TV Stick 4K but supports Wi-Fi 6 for smoother streaming, though you’ll need a compatible router. It also delivers Live View Picture-in-Picture, so you can watch two things at once.

At $25, the Fire TV Stick 4K still provides a top-quality streaming experience for less than half the price of the Fire TV Stick 4K Max, and superior performance compared to other Fire streaming devices. Check out Amazon’s Fire TV Stick 4K now and get 50 percent off while supplies last.

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