Build a Breakfast Food Tower With This Waffle Maker That Cooks Up LEGO-Like Bricks

WaffleWow! by CucinaPro/Kickstarter
WaffleWow! by CucinaPro/Kickstarter / WaffleWow! by CucinaPro/Kickstarter
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Chances are you've been told not to play with your food since you were in Pull-Ups—however, there's one waffle maker on shelves that actually encourages you to get a little hands-on with your breakfast.

The Waffle Wow! by CucinaPro is an electric, nonstick waffle maker that turns batter into different-sized LEGO-like bricks that you can stack and combine to build whatever you want, from doughy spaceships to carb-heavy houses. It debuted on Kickstarter in March 2020 and was backed by over 3700 people who pledged more than $265,000 to the campaign. Now the product is available on Amazon for $60.

By the WaffleWow! by CucinaPro Building Brick Electric Waffle Maker on Amazon

So far, the waffle make has amassed a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, with many customers buying it to use with their children. “[I] bought it for my kids, and I think I like it more than them! The connections between the pieces are not perfect, but what do you expect for [soft food]. [It’s] still loads of fun for a lazy Saturday morning! Also, [they’re] great for dipping,” one parent wrote. Other customers have been surprised by how many waffles it makes. “This was purchased as a gift for an adult [LEGO] fan [and it] was a huge hit! [It] makes BIG waffles, so our standard waffle recipe had to be doubled,” the customer wrote.

Another reviewer said it took them two batches of boxed waffle mix to fill the device and offered some advice. “Definitely follow the directions and wipe down [the waffle maker] with oil before you use it. Also, use cooking spray to spray the waffle iron in between each set of waffles, so they don’t stick,” the reviewer wrote.

Learn more about the WaffleWow! waffle maker on Amazon.

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