Thinking of Deep-Frying Your Thanksgiving Turkey? Check Out These Best-Selling Fryers on Amazon

Char-Broil/Amazon / Char-Broil/Amazon
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There's no image more definitively linked to Thanksgiving than that of a freshly cooked turkey sitting in the middle of the dinner table, waiting to be carved up, doused in gravy, and shoveled down a family's collective gullet. It's the food of choice for 88 percent of households that celebrate the holiday—but the consensus isn't as universal when it comes to preparation. Some people like the traditional oven-roasted turkey with stuffing crammed on the inside, while others cook the stuffing separately (technically, this is known as dressing) and leave the bird itself in a brine overnight for added flavor and moisture. Others, meanwhile, opt to deep-fry their turkeys, which has become a trendier pick in recent years. And if you’re considering deep-frying your turkey this Thanksgiving, check out these two fryers you can get in time for the big day.

One of Amazon’s best-selling deep fryers is Masterbuilt’s eight-liter MB20010118 electric three-in-one deep fryer at $90. This gadget weighs 15.5 pounds and is 15.4-inches wide by 13.7-inches high, so it can easily fit on your countertop. Use the rotary dial to set the temperature at which you want to fry, boil, or steam your food. The included basket, drain clips, and hook will help you remove your freshly fried bird once it’s done. In addition, the appliance—which has a 4.5-star rating after almost 3000 reviews on Amazon—features a built-in drain that will make cleaning up easier and faster. Because of the way this version was designed, you’ll be able to cook up your turkey, vegetables, and more with a third less oil than with traditional fryers. One user, who gave this model a five-star rating, fried up a 20-pound turkey in 80 minutes. 

Another excellent option is the Char-Broil Big Easy oil-less liquid propane turkey fryer for $148. This 4.7-star-rated fryer, which weighs 28.9 pounds and is 20.8-inches wide by 23.5-inches high, can cook up to 16 pounds of food, including a turkey. Like the Masterbuilt, this model comes with a cooking basket, lifting hook, meat thermometer, and lid. Unlike the electric fryer, this one is best used outdoors because of its size and use of propane instead of oil. The fryer uses Char-Broil’s TRU-Infrared cooking technology to cook the turkey more quickly and evenly. The clean-up and cooking process is also much safer without the fear of hot oil popping and burning you.

Before using any of the above models, be sure to read the instructions carefully to avoid mishaps (namely, you should never deep-fry a frozen turkey). For more safety tips about deep-frying a turkey, here's what the FDNY Foundation says to keep in mind.

Head to Amazon to check out the Masterbuilt electric three-in-one deep fryer and the Char-Broil Big Easy oil-less liquid propane turkey fryer and get them by Thanksgiving when you sign up for Prime shipping.

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