7 New Christmas Movies Coming to Netflix in December 2021

Reed Gaudens
Get ready for cozy December nights curled up in front of the TV.
Get ready for cozy December nights curled up in front of the TV. / valentinrussanov/Getty Images

It’s officially the time of year to start watching Christmas movies (for those who prefer to wait until December to get into the holiday spirit, that is). If you’re one of those holdouts, you have a lot of new Christmas movies to catch up on, especially on Netflix.

In November, Netflix debuted a number of new Christmas movies, including Love Hard and The Princess Switch 3, both of which hit the top 10. A Boy Called Christmas and A Castle for Christmas also premiere in November ahead of the biggest month for holiday movies.

But even though some of the biggest Netflix original Christmas movies made their premiere in November, the platform still has a lot to offer by way of holiday movies in December. You can keep watching your favorites, or give some of these new titles a shot this Christmas season. From romantic comedies to family-friendly movies, there’s something for everyone.

Here are all the Christmas movies coming to Netflix in December:

  1. Single All the Way // December 2
  2. Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas // December 3
  3. David and the Elves // December 6
  4. StarBeam: Beaming in the New Year // December 14
  5. A California Christmas: City Lights // December 16
  6. A Naija Christmas // December 16
  7. 1000 Miles from Christmas // December 24