Here's What's Wrong With Your Dinosaur Toys (According to a Dinosaur Expert)

Sonia Weiser
Mashable, YouTube
Mashable, YouTube / Mashable, YouTube

Sorry, everyone: Your Jurassic Park dinosaur toys aren’t exactly scientifically accurate, according to Dr. Paul Olsen of Columbia University's Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences. Mashable asked Olsen to weigh in on a number of plastic playthings, and he quickly declared most of them to be pretty poor imitations of their real-life counterparts.

Olsen's list of grievances includes a Spinosaurus with no feathers, a Velociraptor without a killing claw on its second digit, and a number of toys that have no natural equivalent at all.

Olsen also pointed out that not all dinosaurs made the same noise, and that the Parasaurolophus’ voice box should actually emit a “honking” noise, not a “scratchy, scrape-y, screeching sort of sound.”

[h/t Mashable]