France's Ecology Minister Wants People to Stop Eating Nutella

Jake Rossen
Nutella / Nutella

A fat and sugar-laced spread that has sent millions into the throes of addiction, there are already plenty of reasons to feel guilty about gorging on Nutella. Now French Ecology Minister Ségolène Royal wants to add another to the list: global warming.

French television station Canal+ broadcast an interview with Royal earlier in the week, who asserted products made with palm oil are contributing to deforestation, which can in turn lead to climate change. “We should stop eating Nutella, for example,” she said, “because it’s made with palm oil.”

Royal certainly knows how to spread a message: Name-dropping the beloved hazelnut topping led to a flurry of reports about France’s anti-Nutella propaganda. But Greenpeace has backed up manufacturer Ferrero’s claims of sourcing its oil from environmentally-responsible areas; Italian Ecology head Luca Galletti also dismissed the claims. (Ferrero is an Italian company.)

Under verbal assault, Royal backed off slightly on Wednesday, Tweeting that she was "very sorry" about the controversy.

[h/t: TreeHugger]