LEGO Has Launched a New Wooden Home Decor Line

Nordic Nest
Nordic Nest / Nordic Nest
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For nearly a century, LEGO has been a major player in the world of toy design. Now the company is entering the home goods arena. As House Beautiful reports, adult LEGO fans can furnish their homes with wooden accessories modeled after the iconic building blocks.

The new furniture line is a collaboration between LEGO and the Danish design brand Room Copenhagen. The products should look familiar to anyone who grew up playing with the interlocking, plastic bricks. The collection includes desk drawers, wall hangers, a picture frame, and a book rack—all finished with round studs emblazoned with the LEGO name. The dimensions are scaled up from real LEGO bricks, which means the items can lock together for easy storage.

Nordic Nest

Instead of plastic, the pieces are carved from wood. Buyers have their choice of a light soaped oak or a dark stained oak finish for each product. The material is a throwback to the LEGO Group's original toys, which were wooden until 1960. The sleek furniture fits in just as well with modern decor as it does with any giant LEGO sets you may have on display at home.

Nordic Nest

If you want to feel like a minifigure, you can start filling your house with items from the new collection today. The line is available to purchase from LEGO's online store, as well as Nordic Nest. Prices range from about $119.69 for smaller pieces to $279.28 for the largest products. To bring more of LEGO's signature style into your home this holiday season, check out this guide to building ornaments out of the blocks.

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