Artist Turns Trendy Products Into Plush Toys

Rebecca OConnell

Artist Mimi O Chun’s latest project, Stuffed Hipster Emblems, softens up consumerism by taking trendy items and "stuffing them." The delightful soft sculptures look pretty convincing—it's hard not to want to take a bite out of some of the food replicas.

Unsurprisingly, Chun got the idea while living in New York City; the food culture in Williamsburg inspired the artist to start her project.

"I thought, what would it look like if I took what we value in artisanal craft culture—small quantities, provenance, tactile, handmade—and applied that to make a small batch of a small batch?" Chun told Bon Appétit.

The artist has created a number of familiar products that might fall under the "hipster" label: artisanal cheese, Mast Brothers chocolate, Juniper Ridge perfume, and, of course, a mason jar.

Chun makes her sculptures by hand with cotton cloth and fiber batting. "They’re plushy little labors of love," she says.