Test Out Clothing and Shoes at Home With Amazon Prime's Try Before You Buy Program

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If you're an ardent online shopper, Amazon has a way for you to try out new clothes without committing to an actual purchase until you're certain it's the right garment for you. It's called the Try Before You Buy program, and it lets members test eligible women's, men's, and kids' clothing, shoes, and accessories at home over seven days. You can then return what you don't want after trying it out. This isn't a program for the bottom rung of the fashion world, either—clothing from top brands like Levi's, UGG, Calvin Klein, and more are included.

To take part in Try Before You Buy, you'll need to be an Amazon Prime member, which gives you access to a Prime Try Before You Buy cart that allows you to add up to six items that have the program’s icon. Once ordered, the clothes should arrive in four to six business days, and you’ll have seven days from the last item’s arrival to try them on. After you’ve decided what you’re keeping, you’ll go to the "Your Orders" page and check off what didn't make the cut, and return those items with the provided prepaid return label. If you don’t mark which products you’re keeping and returning, you’ll be charged for the total order at the end of the try-on period. You’ll then receive a return confirmation when all the returns have been received.


The program also has a Personal Shopper service that costs $5 per styling and lets you get up to eight items instead of six. This feature is an excellent way to get advice from an expert and reach outside your comfort zone to try new things. You can also get $10 off your first Personal Shopper box when you spend $50 or more with the code PS10 through Thursday, December 30.

Make sure to get an Amazon Prime membership and head to the Try Before You Buy program for more details.

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