The Houses Famous Directors Would Design If They Were Architects

Hannah Keyser

If Alfred Hitchcock designed a house, don't you think it would have plenty of perilous balconies and at least one noose visible through the yellow-tinted windows? If George Lucas went into architecture, he would probably build something extraterrestrial, and a home designed by Tim Burton would look, well, like something out of a Tim Burton film.

The combination of movie directors and architecture may seem a little niche, but iconic auteurs often earn their status and a dedicated following through their distinct aesthetics. Barcelona-based illustrator and architect Federico Babina distills the artistic vision of 27 famous movie directors into stylized buildings in his recent series, Archidirector.

From Federico Fellini to Wes Anderson, generations of successful movie-makers are honored in these cool graphic prints. You can buy these and other architecture-minded posters from Babina—including series that combine design with music, machines, and animals—on Society6.

All images via Federico Babina