The 10 Most Expensive Medical Bills Sustained by Homer Simpson

The patient is awake but rarely responsive.
The patient is awake but rarely responsive. / Claire Greenway/Getty Images

Longtime viewers of Fox’s The Simpsons, which premiered in December 1989, can’t fail to notice that family patriarch Homer Simpson is prone to grievous physical injury. While he possesses a cartoon character’s resiliency, he still often requires medical attention.

Law firm Downtown LA Law Group opted to break down Homer’s medical history, including the more expensive medical crises he has suffered. The firm examined 50 of Homer’s most notable injuries over the series's more than 700 episodes (and counting) and used the average cost of real-life treatments. They estimate Homer's total lifetime medical bills to be in the neighborhood of $141 million and speculate his pattern of poor choices would probably make it difficult for him to obtain life insurance. Below are Homer's costliest injuries, from most to least expensive.

  1. Brain Damage // $1,525,500
  2. Paralysis // $508,904
  3. Radiation Exposure // $150,000
  4. Skull Fracture // $100,000
  5. Loss of Consciousness // $80,000
  6. Multiple Broken Bones // $48,000
  7. Electrocuted/Electrical Burns // $46,540
  8. Thumb Amputation // $40,000
  9. Fracture // $39,041
  10. Heart Attack // $38,500

There is probably a lesson in here somewhere about the high cost of health care. More than likely, it’s just an illustration of Homer’s glaring lack of self-preservation.