15 Gifts We're Giving During the 2021 Holiday Season

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If you're scrambling for some last-minute gift recommendations, we're here to help by sharing a few of the things we plan on getting for our loved ones this season. From comfy pajamas to an out-of-this-world LEGO set, we think you'll find something for everyone here.

1. BedHead Pajamas Fox Trot Printed Sateen Cropped Pajama Set; $76

Bedhead Pajamas/Dillard's

I ordered these for myself earlier this fall, and my mom liked them so much she outright told me to get her some for Christmas. The material is lightweight and soft, and it’s also incredibly adorable, thanks to the cute fox and rabbit print. —Kerry Wolfe, Staff Editor

Buy it: Dillard's

2. Spelling Word Wheels: 100 fantastic anagram puzzles with a twist; $7

Clarity Media/Amazon

My dad loves The New York Times’s Spelling Bee, and this Spelling Word Wheel is essentially the same thing. With this puzzle book, he’ll be able to test his skills while taking a break from his phone. —K.W.

Buy it: Amazon

3. catstudio California Dish & Hand Towel; $23


My cousin recently moved from California to Washington, D.C., so as a combined housewarming gift and holiday present, I decided to give them a dish towel showing off all their home state has to offer. I initially discovered these fun illustrated dish towels while in Wyoming, where I bought myself one of Colorado. Over the years, I’ve become a repeat customer and found them to be the perfect sentimental gift during the holiday season. —Elaine Selna, Commerce Writer

Buy it: Amazon

4. The Office: The Untold Story of the Greatest Sitcom of the 2000s: An Oral History // Andy Greene; $13


There's no end to the number of gifts you can get The Office fans this holiday season. And if they're the type that loves all the behind-the-scenes details of the show, then The Office: The Untold Story of the Greatest Sitcom of the 2000s by Rolling Stone writer Andy Greene is a must-have. It's filled with anecdotes and interviews they won't see elsewhere, and it should help them appreciate their favorite show even more. —E.S.

Buy it: Amazon

5. Collapsible Popcorn Popper & Popcorn Seasoning Set; $30/$10


Thanks to the pandemic, we're not making it out to the movies as often as we used to—and my husband really misses that delicious movie theater popcorn. To replicate the theater experience at home, I nabbed this popcorn popper, as well as a seasoning set, from Uncommon Goods. The silicone popper is dishwasher safe and collapses for easy storage; the seasoning set includes kernels as well as buttery oil, classic seasoning, and caramel corn seasoning, all in cute retro tins. —Erin McCarthy, Editor-in-Chief

Buy the Popper: Amazon

Buy the Seasoning Set: Uncommon Goods

6. Summersalt Brushed High Rise Full-Length Leggings; $95


For me, working from home nearly full-time has meant setting aside "hard pants" (denim? I don't know her!) and buying many, many pairs of leggings. Without a doubt, the most comfortable of the bunch is this pair from Summersalt, which—in addition to being cozy and looking great—are made from recycled bottles and have moisture-wicking built in. The one downside is that they tend to collect cat fur, but hey, that's what lint rollers are for. I celebrated the holiday season by buying myself another pair. —E.M.

Buy it: Summersalt

7. Wrangler Authentics Men's Long Sleeve Quilted Lined Flannel Shirt Jacket with Hood; $26-$64

Wrangler Authentics Men's Sportswear/Amazon

For dads who may not like to always put on a jacket in cold weather, this Wrangler hoodie works wonders. It’s heavy enough to dart out the door on errands and cool enough to keep on when you’re back inside. —Jake Rossen, Senior Staff Writer

Buy it: Amazon

8. All-in-One Portable Ping-Pong Set (Two-Player); $37


Keep the college kid in your life out of trouble with this portable ping-pong set that can transform any table into a gaming surface. —J.R.

Buy it: Amazon

9. Jiggy Puzzles - Bathing with Flowers // Alja Horvat; $49

Alja Horvat/Jiggy Puzzle

I’ve been obsessed with Jiggy Puzzles ever since I heard about the brand earlier this year. A puzzle that features cool artwork and comes with everything you need to frame it after (aside from a literal frame)? Seems like the perfect gift, honestly. I’m gifting one this year to a close friend who’s obsessed with puzzles and does them all the time with her partner. I think she’ll get a real kick out of it, and her partner will dig it, too. —Shayna Murphy, Associate Editor

Buy it: Jiggy Puzzles

10. Reading Pillow; $45

Joey's Room/Amazon

My boyfriend reads in bed a lot, usually just propping a pillow up behind his back and leaning against the wall or our headboard. He complained recently about how stiff his back feels lately—surprise, surprise—and his desire for something better to lean against while he’s reading. This husband pillow piqued my interest because it has tons of positive reviews and is made from shredded foam, so it seems like it’ll be comfy but still supportive. The biggest selling point, however, is that it offers pockets, so he’ll be able to stash his phone and not worry about losing track of it as much as he currently does. —S.M.

Buy it: Amazon

11. Lodge 12-Inch Cast-Iron Skillet with Red Silicone Handle Holder; $20


Another gift I’ll be giving my boyfriend is this Lodge cast-iron skillet. We do a lot of cooking at home, but neither of us personally owns any cast-iron cookware. We recently did some house-sitting for a relative and used their skillet so much that grabbing one for him—and ipso facto, me—seemed like a no-brainer. —S.M.

Buy it: Amazon

12. YouCopia StoraLid Small Food Container Lid Organizer (Two-Pack); $24


My sister is a classic Virgo: cleaning and organizing things is how she unwinds after a tough day. The only problem is that the cabinet where she keeps all her plastic storage containers gets pretty hectic. Over Thanksgiving, she kept complaining about what a mess it is and how nothing she does ever seems to keep her lids and containers in order. She doesn’t have an organizer for it, so I quickly filed away this popular one from YouCopia as a must-get gift for her for the holidays. —S.M.

Buy it: Amazon

13. LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V Set; $120


When my boyfriend told me he wanted to get into LEGO, I immediately thought of the brand's NASA Apollo Saturn V. The LEGO designers I interviewed for this article earlier in the year all mentioned it as one of their favorite projects to work on. With 1969 pieces, the 1:110 scale model rocket seems like the perfect set to transition a childhood LEGO fan into an adult hobbyist. —Michele Debczak, Senior Staff Writer

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14. GoSports Shuffleboard and Curling Two-in-One Table Top Board Game; $40

P&P Imports LLC/Amazon

In my quest to buy my parents a game they didn't already have at home, I stumbled upon this 2-in-1 table-top combo. After playing shuffleboard, they can flip over the 45-by-13-inch plank to find a miniature curling sheet on the other side. The set of eight rolling pucks works for both games. It's a great activity for when the whole family's in town, and hopefully it's less contentious than our usual games of Monopoly. —M.D.

Buy it: Amazon

15. WoodWick Fireside-Scented Candle, Large Grey Jar; $26


Not everybody has the luxury of a fireplace, but even the smallest apartments probably have room for a candle that at least smells and sounds like one. WoodWick's crackling-wick candles fit the bill—this one is "fireside"-scented. —Ellen Gutoskey, Staff Writer

Buy it: Amazon

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