Can You Spot the Present in This Christmas-Themed Hidden Image Puzzle?

Cleanipedia / Cleanipedia

'Tis the season for ignoring your holiday to-do list and challenging yourself to another festive brain-teaser. This December, we've asked you to find the basketball among the Christmas ornaments and the happy elf in Santa's workshop. This new hidden-image puzzle from Cleanipedia features a present hiding in a cheery scene. Search the picture below and see how long it takes you to spot it.


This illustration is filled with hallmarks of the holiday season, including trees, stockings, candy canes, gingerbread men, and Santa Clauses. The image also features a single gift that's wrapped and ready to be opened on Christmas morning.

According to Cleanipedia, it takes the average person roughly 60 seconds to find the hidden object in the puzzle. Give yourself at least a few minutes to look for it before checking the solution in the picture below.

Unlike crossword puzzles and other types of brain-teasers, you can beat a hidden-image search in less time than it takes to sing "Jingle Bells." That makes it the perfect activity to do when you need a quick break between holiday-related tasks. If you're craving more mental stimulation, see how quickly you can spot the objects hidden in these images.