Away Luggage Is Super Trendy—And Here’s Why Travelers Love It

Away / Away
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Though many of us haven’t been able to travel in quite some time, the new year is upon us—and with it the hope that we'll get to cross some dream destinations off our bucket lists in 2022. Regardless of whether you’ve already got the itinerary for your next trip planned out or are just in wanderlust mode, having the right kind of luggage is essential, which is why you should check out Away.

As The Business of Business reports, the idea for Away started when the suitcase that co-founder and current CEO Jen Rubio was using in a Swiss airport broke and spilled out all her belongings. Hoping to create a better brand of luggage, she partnered with a former colleague from Warby Parker and launched Away in 2015. The brand quickly gained fame online for its signature hard-shell cases with built-in batteries, which allow travelers to charge electronics like smartphones and tablets on the go.


One of the most popular items from Away is The Large, a hard-shell, dual-compartment suitcase, that is particularly popular in the color blush. This 29-inch-tall bag is the largest in the collection and features four wheels that spin a full 360°, as well as a hidden laundry bag, a leather luggage tag, and a TSA-approved combination lock. In addition, this checked bag has a compression system, so you'll be able to pack more into the bag, and provides a durable polycarbonate exterior that should last for years to come. Part of Away’s mission is to provide top-quality suitcases at a lower price point than competitor brands. Though $325 for a piece of luggage like The Large isn’t inexpensive, the brand explains that a comparable model will likely cost more due to retailer-related markups.

The Large currently has a 4.9-star rating and almost 1000 reviews teeming with praise from customers. One avid traveler was amazed by how well it held up on trips to eight countries. “[It’s] seen over 40 flights in the last few months, and there's barely a scratch or scuff on it from all the tossing around I’m sure it goes through when loading and offloading the plane,” the reviewer wrote. Another customer was thrilled by the seemingly endless space the bag provided when packing presents over the holiday season. “My suitcase was like the magic bag that just kept accepting more,” the reviewer wrote.

If you aren’t happy with the purchase, that's ok. The brand offers a 100-day free trial return policy and a limited lifetime warranty covering parts of the luggage, such as wheels, handles, and zippers (should they break).

Head over to Away to see the brand’s entire collection of luggage and be sure to check out The Large suitcase for longer trips.

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