Nuzzie's Knit Weighted Blankets Are Great for Hot Sleepers—Here's What To Know

Nuzzie / Nuzzie
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Over the past couple of years, weighted blankets have been all the rage. While the jury's still out on whether or not they actually offer any tangible health benefits, many users claim they can help prevent insomnia, reduce stress and anxiety, and lead to a better night's rest. Some just enjoy the sensation of them, which is often likened to getting a big bear hug. Regardless of where you land on weighted blankets, there's one thing that most have in common: They're heavy. And because they're so thick and heavy, they can make those who are already sensitive to heat exposure during sleep—a.k.a., hot sleepers—feel overwhelmed. But now, thanks to Nuzzie, even hot sleepers can get in on the action.

Unlike traditional versions from brands like Gravity Blankets, the Nuzzie weighted blanket has a knit design, which should keep you feeling cozy without overheating or sweating. The knit structure lets air flow easily through the soft microfiber fabric, so if you’re prone to kicking the covers off at night, opting for one, which retails starting at $225, might be in your best interest.


Beyond the knit design, there are other reasons to consider the Nuzzie over competitor brands like Gravity Blankets and Bearaby (the latter of which was the first to popularize the idea of the knit weighted blanket). Most other brands use glass beads or pellets to create the weight in the blanket, but Nuzzie doesn’t do that. Instead, to help the environment, it uses a down-alternative filling made from 500 recycled plastic bottles. Compared to other brands, Nuzzie’s stain-resistant blanket also comes in more sizes and colors and is machine-washable. (You can wash Bearaby knit weighted blankets too, but because of how heavy they are, you might want to check your machine's weight restrictions before doing so at home.)

The Nuzzie packs plenty of heft, which could make it potentially annoying to store, but that's true for all weighted blankets. Available in 8-, 15-, 20-, and 25-pound sizing, the best weighted blanket for you should equal no more than 10 percent of your body weight, so aim to shop accordingly. You can also take advantage of the brand's 30-day "happiness guarantee," so if you don't like it after a few nights, you can return it for a full refund. Head on over to Nuzzie now to grab one for yourself.

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